Oh my goodness, if you didn’t used the best electric blanket yet, then you are missing out one of the best innovations of technology. The ability to control the heat and stay warm and cozy at the right temperature is wonderful. The electric blanket may have not necessarily replaced the conventional blanket as people still don’t understand the entirety of the electric blanket. However, for those that have tasted the warmth that the electric blanket can provide will testify, it a nice technology for every home especially for those of us in the cold regions of the world.

The origin of the electric blanket is one that didn’t please users when it was introduced. The 1900s saw blankets were big, bulky, and were just like the normal bed coverings and quite dangerous too. By the first quarter of the 20th century, they were used in sanitariums to keep tuberculosis patients warm because they slept outside to contain the spread of the disease. By 1936, the thermostat was added to the blanket to regulate the heat generated by the blanket. The thermostat blanket was used until 1984 when they were inbuilt in the blankets. Now the electric blankets have come a long way and can detect the body temperature of the users and regulate it to keep the temperature just right for you. The modern blanket was invented by the renowned inventor George Crowley.


Top 7 best electric blanket to buy in 2018

 The soft heat micro-plush mattress pad

best electric blanket


Very luxurious with super soft fabric

Has a built-in heater that keeps you warm during the cold winter season

Adds warmth and extra soft padding to your bed


The mattress pad is not meant for covering up but to be laid on the mattress to provide you the much-needed warmth to keep you cozy during cold nights. The sheet is made of micro-velour fabric that is super soft to touch. The fabric is machine washable and dryer safe with the entire heating element that runs throughout the blanket. The fabric is anti-stretch, anti-shrink, and will suffer some wear and tear with regular use.

The heating pad blanket comes with dual control pads that can be controlled by each partner. The controls have LCD backlighting that allows you see them in the dark. The heater runs on low voltage and the risk of shocks are negligible. It does not over-heat and comes with a ten-hour shut off-setting for added safety.


Luxurious padding with non-hazardous supportive material

It can be pre-heated for not so cold nights

It is pretty expensive.

It adds an extra layer of cushion support to your bed

The micro-plush luxurious mattress pad does not have any con although there are variety of electric blankets with more features that it.



The Beddieford comfort knit electric heated blanket

best electric blanket 2018


It is a soft, knitted blanket that kicks winter to the curb

It comes with a ten heat setting of your choosing

Very stylish


The soft knitted fabric is made of 100% polyester that makes it super warm and cozy. The knitted feature makes it extra warm by trapping your body heat to keep you warm longer.

The blanket is machine washable although review comment from users warns against washing the electric blanket.


The polyester knitted blanket comes with a 5-year warranty

It comes with dual controls with thick padding

The wirings are ultra-thin and not felt by the user

The heating elements come in ten settings

It comes at an affordable price of $45 from Amazon

It has a ten-hour auto shut off that guarantees safety while you use it.


There is the probability that the blankets can cause shocks after washing because of the thin wirings in the blanket.

It’s of poor control quality compared with other blankets in the market.



The Trillium worldwide heated fleece travel electric blanket

best rated electric blanket

This blanket is a small travel blanket and comes at a very affordable price too.


It is very portable and is easy to carry in your bag or car

Extremely comfortable, warm, and cozy

Comes in very beautiful and exquisite patterns


This blanket is made of 100% polyester fabric which is super soft. It looks like a flannel blanket which comes in a 42” by 58” dimension that fits perfectly in small spaces.

The blanket runs on your car battery, yes, it keeps you warm as long as your car is switched on, just plug it into the car’s 12-volt power outlet and enjoy warmth as you travel to your destination.


It is soft and comes in attractive patterns

It is easy to store.

You can carry it everywhere you go, and very good for the outdoors.

It has an auto shut off feature that stops the drainage of your battery while keeping you warm.

It is very cheap and comes at an affordable price of $25.

It comes with a 7 feet long cord, suitable for both the driver and the passengers at the back seat of the car.


It cannot be used in the home because it charges with a car battery

It has no control or settings.

It is very small.



The Sunbeam luxurious velvet plush

best electric blanket reviews


The softest and most luxurious blanket on the market

It has a fast heating time with a broad selection of heat setting to choose from

It is very durable and long-lasting.


It is made of 100% polyester making it super soft that they make you feel like cuddling up every time. Customers compare it to being snuggled by a large extra-soft teddy bear. It remains warm even after the heating system is turned off because of its multi-layered fabric.


It comes with a dual control system that allows your partner and you enjoy the temperature setting of your choice.

It comes with a 20 heat setting system to maximize the heating system that suits you,

It is machine washable and dryer safe with a 5-year warranty

It has a heat sensor mode that detects the heat in your surrounding environment and adjusts the heat as needed

It is very large and can fit a large queen-size bed

It is fairly affordable at a price of $100.


It slides off the bed sometimes



The Sunbeam Microplush Throw Camelot Cuddler Electric Heated Warming Blanket

electric blanket


Keeps you warm on the couch

Provide the heat you need for those winter nights

Extra soft, comfy, cozy piece of fabric to suit your taste


The 50’ by 60’ sunbeam blanket will keep the cold away and keep you warm. Though it is small, you most likely won’t be missing the large electric blanket. It also allows you enjoy some private alone time without any disturbance. It is the ideal blanket for all seasons and chilly days. The blanket comes with 3 settings to give you the best heat for body and has an auto shut off of 3 hours for safety but need a preheat before using it.


It is a beautiful compact blanket with soft, quality fabric that is plush.

It comes with a 5-year warranty and 3 hours auto shut off for safety.

It is lightweight that can be used anywhere

It is very affordable, costs only $50

It has a chill sensor and adjusts the heating accordingly.

Maybe the best electric blanket we’ve found on the market !


It is soooo comfortable; you won’t want to leave your chair ever again.

It’s a bit expensive for its size but it is well worth it.



The soft luxury heat micro fleece heated queen size blanket

heated mattress pad


It won’t pill, stretch, and shrink

The heating element allows a lot of heat to be radiated

Extra soft and snuggly


The blanket is 100% polyester and the fleece thread makes it trap heat and keep it for longer. Even when switched off the blanket absorbs your body’s heat to keep you warm all through the cold nights. It has a 10 heat setting for your desired temperature and comes with a dual control system.


It is dryer and washing machine safe

It can be washed using the conventional method

Has a velvety touch

It comes with a 5-year warranty

The blanket is very durable as it is built to last long.

It is anit shock and comes with a dual control setting to give your partner and you the best temperature to keep you warm

It is very expensive but with its excellent warmth, it is an excellent buy.



The Sunbeam quilted fleece heated blanket

best electric blanket


It has 10 heat settings

Dual control for both partners to adjust heat setting as desire

It has a built-in sensor that detects the temperature and automatically adjusts the heat setting.


The blanket is made up of 100% polyester with a quilted design to make it stylish and luxurious. It is very soft and traps heat to keep the body warm. The wirings for the blanket may be visible but it is worth it for all the warmth it provides. The blanket comes with a dual heating system for the ultimate luxury feel. You can leave you blanket on all day because it has 10 hours auto-shut off that switches the heat if it gets too hot.


It is machine washable and dryer safe

It has a 10 heating setting and auto shut off system

It is incredibly soft and comfortable

It comes in beautiful,appealing, and reliable designs.

Low voltage more moderate heating

It is very cheap for this entire wonderful feature at just $50.


It does not have any con.



Tips to consider when buying an electric blanket

Quality and durability

The quality of the blanket depends on the type of fabric that is used in the manufacturing process. With an endless array of fabric material such as faux, micro plush and polyester, you are guaranteed of a very soft, cuddling piece of heating fabric at your disposal.


The care is obviously very important, as we continuously use the blanket; it is bound to get dirty and needs cleaning. So, when purchasing a blanket, make sure that its machine washable and dryer safe. In addition, all the wirings should be intact after washing to prevent shocks.

The auto shut off/voltage

You have to know this one. How long does it take to auto shut off? This is important in case you forget to turn it off. A blanket with low voltage means you can plug it in normal household sockets without a problem.


Well, this might not be an important point as not all expensive blankets have all the features that you need, but it will be nice to know the various prices so that you don’t spend above your budget

Number of layers

The more layers an electric blanket has the better the heat retaining property of the blanket. Most blankets come in multiple layers with the best in the market having 7 layers for that ultimate warm, comfy, and cozy experience.


Since the blanket has wires passing through it, it is only right to check the safety measures to prevent shocks especially if kids will be using it.  You should also make sure that it is waterproof or at least has a waterproof layer or insulator to prevent water from spoiling the wirings that can cause a shock.


What kind of heating system do you want? Are you looking for mattress pad blanket or a cover blanket? The answers to these questions should give you an idea of what kind of blanket to purchase at the store

Note: When buying an electric blanket, always seek the assistance of the storekeeper to answer your entire question and buy from reliable stores.

The dial system

This is particularly important for couples that prefer to sleep at different temperatures.

Read the reviews

They will tell you more about the product better than the product itself. So, go online and search for the product before you make a purchase. Your pick is final though.

Why do you need one?

For the very obvious reason which is to remain warm or cold nights or day.

The electric blanket protects you from the chills or keeps you warm when you are sick with cold and flu. A warm blanket is a perfect companion for lonely nights too.

Are they safe? Yes, they are very safe.


The earth’s climate is constantly changing and winters are becoming longer and colder. If you need real warmth to combat those cold nights, then an electric blanket is your best option and it’s more saving too. The blanket, when used properly, should last for ten years before being replaced.


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