Carpet cleaning day can be draining if we do not have any clues on what to do. Generally, carpet cleaners encompass all the cleaning shampoos and types of equipment we use to clean our carpets when they are either completely dirty or stained. There are various carpet shampoos and pieces of equipment on the market today; all you need to do is to get the right one that suits your budget. Is not about how expensive the carpet cleaner is but the technique used during the process? Traditional, dusting to remove excess particles is usually messy and inconveniencing, and also the total removal of the carpet for complete washing with water may take days to dry before putting it back.

Here are some few tips that can help buy the best carpet cleaner and also the best way to use it because you don’t want always to go calling on the cleaning service all the time

  • Look for carpet shampoo with some percentage of alcohol and disinfectants this will help with neutralizing and breaking down tough, oily stains during cleaning
  • Only buy carpet cleaners that are trusted and have all the required cleaning parts like, steam ejectors, brush, and liquid compartments
  • Follow the manufactures instructions both with the cleaning shampoo because you do not want to be having too much form during cleaning and the cleaning machine for safe and effective use
  • If you are cleaning a small stain, make sure to spray with the cleaning liquid first before scrubbing.
  • And if you are going to be cleaning the whole room with a carpet cleaning equipment, make sure to remove all the items in the room that will obstruct the cleaning process before you start
  • Spray all the room with the cleaning solution putting more emphasis on darker patches. Usually cleaning water solution should be about 100-150 degrees. This will help with tough, oily stains and remove odor from the carpet
  • Allow this solution to sit for about 20 minutes then use a brush to scrub, either manually or using a rotating scrubber cleaner. Making sure to go over twice or trice.
  • Then use a steamer to steam to steam out the carpet. This usually sucks out the moisture and rinse and clean the carpet.

And at the end of these wonderful few tips, you will have your carpets sparkling neat and clean.

As it’s sometimes difficult to choose the perfect one, we made a Top ten of the best carpet cleaner.

Best Carpet Cleaner

N°1 – ProHeat 2X Lift-Off Pet 15651 carpet cleaner by Bissel

best carpet cleaner

The ProHeat 2x is the best carpet cleaner in 2018. Even if it’s a bit noisy, its cleaning and drying performances are truly awesome.

This carpet cleaner is very convient due to  its low weight, coverage area. This is not the cheaper one, but if you do not have any specific budget it’s definitely the better carpet cleaner you can buy.


N°2 – Max Extract 60 by Hoover

The Max extract by Hoover is definitely one of the best carpet cleaner we’ve found on  the market.

Very efficient, this carpet cleaner handles many powerful technologies like “SpinScrub Technology” to clean your carpet even fast, or the “DualV Nozzle Technology” which helps your floor to dry faster !



N°3 SteamVac by Hoover

which carpet cleanerOur third choice is still from Hoover. The steam vac handle less technology than the Max extract but it remains a very good choice. Considering that those 2 carpet cleaners cost almost the same price, we strongly recommend you the Max Extract 60.



 N°4 Oxy Pro Carpet Cleaner by Rug Doctor

best carpet cleaner

This Oxy PRO by Rug Doctor is also one of the best carpet clean, we loved this one.
We had to give him the third position as his price remains higher than for the 2 previous from Hoover.




 N°5 ProHeat 2X Revolution by Bissel

best carpet cleaner

Very good carpet cleaner too. The best from Bissel. We tried the ProHeat several times and we always get great results.

This carpet cleaner also handles a technology to get the carpet dry faster.

The price remains higher than the Max Extract from Hoover


N°6 Hoover FH50150

buying guide carpet cleaner

This carpet cleaner from Hoover got great results during our testings. Very good at cleaning and drying and for an honest price, the FH50150 is a very good choice if you don’t want to spend to much money on your Carpet cleaner.

The only pros we may have is that it is a bit noisy, in comparison with the previous ones.


N°7 DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner by Bissel

top 10 best carpet cleaner


This DeepClean carpet cleaner from Bissel is at the bottom of our ranking because of its poor performance in Drying. It remains very good at cleaning but its performances for drying can’t make him one of the best.

Moreover, its price is pretty high in comparison with other cleaners with better performances.


N°8 PowerLifter Bissel

which carpet cleaner to buy

The PowerLifter is the cheaper one we’ve found on the market. We didn’t tried it but according to its reviews on Amazon it looks really great.




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