Vacuum cleaners are important gadgets to have around, especially if you love having a tidier home. Now that you are tired of cleaning your home manually and you have set out to buy a vacuum cleaner to serve your apartment cleaning purposes, you are probably confused on what type of cleaner to buy because of the many technical words contained in reviews.

Don’t worry, we’ve simplified the process for you, just have these tips in mind, and you are guaranteed to buy just the best cleaner to suit your apartment needs.

1.    What Do You Want To Clean?

This is a tip that you should hold dearly. Before buying a vacuum cleaner, you should know what type of dirt you will be predominantly cleaning with it. You’re probably asking what it matters now. It’s vacuum cleaner after all, and should clean everything. No! The truth is that it’s not just a vacuum cleaner. Every type of vacuum cleaner is designed specifically to solve a vacuum need. Getting the right cleaner designed for your need will surely guarantee efficiency. The purpose you are buying a vacuum cleaner can vary from cleaning up liquid spills made by children, stubborn pet hair from carpets, dusts from hardwood surfaces, cleaning hard to reach areas etc. Picking just any cleaner will not guarantee you to effectively clean up all these types of messes, and that is a reason why you should focus on buying a cleaner that is specifically custom to your need.

2.    Pick A Budget

This as another very important factor to be considered after knowing what fits your cleaning needs. Finance is power when it comes to making gadget purchases and you don’t want to make a budget for what your available finance can’t carry. The error that most buyers fall into is to assume that the most expensive cleaners are the best. That’s not entirely true. Some hand held vacuum cleaners are powerful, yet relatively cheap. The budget you are operating on should determine the cleaner that you need. While some brands can be very expensive, others with exactly the same specs may go for cheaper prices. You need to have a price range you are looking at, then do proper market research and pick what you can comfortably afford without having to break your bank for it.

3.    Cord Or Cordless? 

This is a question that most electronic users ask themselves when making purchases. It is not different with what vacuum cleaner buyers do. It is an important decision the precedes the purchase of a vacuum cleaner, ask yourself what will best suit your kind of usage. While a cordless cleaners boast of convenience, ease of usage and power storage efficiency, its need to be charged between uses may bring a level of inconvenience to heavy duty users. 

Each of them is advantageous, depending on what needs they are going to be solving for you.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are charged before usage and can operate efficiently for up to 20 minutes. They are fantastic if you have plans to use them on small cleanings like vehicle interiors, but if you are cleaning a place with the larger surface area, then corded cleaners will do the job better for you. Corded cleaners are also mostly greater in suction power making them the go-to vacuum cleaners for heavy-duty cleaning jobs, irrespective of their bulky and relatively inconvenient nature.

4.    Consider Allergies

Yes. Your allergies and those of your close relatives should be considered when making a vacuum cleaner purchase, or in fact any purchase at all. If for instance, you or any of your family members suffer from dust related allergies, then it is important that you go for a vacuum cleaner that has a great filtration system, so that nobody’s allergy is triggered by the dust resulting from cleaning. What a filter does is to remove all the microscopic dust particles that may be present in the air within the vacuum before it gets eventually released. Dusts are stopped from being blown around your home eventually.

5.    What Is Its Weight

Little details matter too. You don’t want to buy a vacuum cleaner that will need more hands to carry it around the house, especially if it is a cordless cleaner. There is a great need for you to check and know the weight of the cordless cleaner before actually purchasing. This assumes an even greater significance if you’re housing older family members in your home who may find themselves needing to use the machine when you are out. It is recommended that you get something that everybody can easily carry around, irrespective of age or health status so that it does not become a problem to clean the house when you are not around. The normal weight of a cordless vacuum cleaner is about 2kg, but if you can buy a vacuum cleaner that has a lesser weight, then it is advisable that you go for it.

6.    Cleaning Capacity

Of course, you want to double check this before purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning capacity is important so that you don’t buy a vacuum that will give you less than what you need. Look at the size of cleaning job that you intend doing and pick a cleaner that’s just good enough to do the job perfectly. Avoid buying an underperforming cleaner as this can be a big pain in certain situations when you will want to do a job quickly.

7.    Consider Size

Finally, this is an important point to observe as much as the other tips explained above. We are in a time when most utility gadgets are revamped to be space conscious, and vacuum cleaner producers are doing quite a good job on it too. While you want to buy a vacuum cleaner that’s powerful, you don’t want it to occupy the whole space in your apartment, especially if yours is a smaller apartment. Many compact vacuum cleaners boast of as much power as big ones too. Make your researches before the actual purchase and be sure to buy a cleaner that’s just the perfect size for your type of apartment.

No matter the type or brand of vacuum cleaner you settle with eventually, just make sure that it does not disturb your comfort and that it does the job perfectly.


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