Top 10 Best travel BackPack – Which one to buy ?


When you’re traveler like we are at MinuteReview, you know that traveling with the wrong backpack can turn your awesome trip into an horrible one. But don’t worry, we’ve just written a top 10 of the best travel backpack just for you !

No matter if you plan to travel all around the world or if you just want to go from the airport to your hotel. You will always need a strong and safe backpack that won’t fall apart after the first use. Remember that your backpack is your home away from your home !

Well.. If you are on our website today, it’s probably because you searched for Best travel Backpacks on Google, hoping to find an awesome backpack that you would have loved immediately. Unfortunately there is sooo many offers here and there that finding the best deal can be really boring.

On average, how much a good travel backpack costs ?

On internet you can find backpacks at every prices. During my last trip in Asia, I picked up a cheap one at 20$ to replace my old one who passed away at the last minute, it was definitely a bad idea.

Yes the backpack wasn’t expensive and I saved some money but during all the trip the bag was hurting my shoulders and my back. The backpack wasn’t waterproof and one day, after an hour walking under the rain I opened my bag and I found out that my stuff was wet. My friends who bought some backpacks for around 100$ – 200$ never faced this kind of issue.

So I would recommend you to run away from cheap backpack if you don’t want to get some trouble during your trip, especially if you plan to carry some electronic devices such as laptop, tablet, smartphones etc … I would say that you should expect to spend around  100$ – 200$ for a strong and reliable backpack.

Which capacity to choose for your backpack ?

That’s the clue ! Choosing the right size is primordial to choose the best travel backpack but it’s definitely not easy. There are 2 main sizes for me.

The first one is the 35 – 45 liter : The pros of this kind of backpack is that you can keep it with you on the plan and you don’t have to leave it on the hold of the plan. The cons is obviously that you can carry less stuff than with a bigger backpack.

Personally I prefer some bigger backpacks, I can take more clothes. It’s all about habits but I wouldn’t make a trip with a smaller backpack. I need space and it’s not a problem for me to leave my bag on the hold. I alway bring another bag that I take with me on the cabin ( an eastpack is perfect ). When I stay for 2 or 3 days on the same location I leave my backpack at the hotel and I use my eastpack for the day.

Here is our Top 10 travel Backpack

N°1 Tortuga 44L : The best travel backpack

This bag is the one I use on my everyday trip. Tortuga is a startup who managed to build the most compacted backpack. You can carry it on plan and I have enough place to put all the stuff I need !

top 10 travel backpack


N°2 Osprey Farpoint 40

That 40 Liters backpack is awesome. Available in 3 different colors, this bag is great for men and women. Hipbelt and harness can be stowed and zipped away. You can transfer the load from harness to hip belt and the quality is really good.






N°3 Kelty Redwing 44

Strong and reliable. We didn’t test this backpack but this is one of the top rated backpack on Amazon and we had great feedback from customers who were truly satisfied.


N°4 Deuter Transit 50

A 50 Liters Backpack which is great for your trip ! The main advantage of this bag is that you can separate the bottom compartment for shoes, sleeping bag  and you can also separate the day pack. With this backpack you do not have to take with you your old eastpack, you have two bags in one !


N°5 Osprey Farpoint 55

Another great backpack from Osprey. Available in Two different colors, this bag also offers the possibility to separate the day pack, which is definitely great ! So you have a 42 liters main Pack + 13 L day pack.


N°6 Osprey Packs Farpoint 80

Actually we can’t say that this one is worst than the previous one. It’s the same but bigger. Here you have 80 Litters. The pros of this bag is that you can be 100% sure that you’ll bring everything you need for a long trip. But 80 litters is huge and can be a bit heavy.


N°7 Osprey Packs Fairview 70

Still from Osprey, this pack is a good compromise is the 55 Liters is too small and if the 80 is too big ! This one is available in 2 different colors : Misty grey ( on the picture below ) and Rainforest Green. Still a nice choice !



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