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  • Top best small microwave oven 2018
  • Properties of a microwave
  • Importance of a microwave oven
  • Disadvantages of using microwave ovens
  • Tips for buy a microwave oven
  • Conclusion

I wonder what Percy Spencer must be thinking of when the American engineer/inventor came up with the microwave oven. The microwave oven is an invention that is found in almost every home on the planet. This little invention has warmed our foods and hearts while taking the stress off our tired shoulders.

Life before the microwave oven must be stressful, we do acknowledge out parents for all the effort that the put into making all those delicious dishes over the years, and special thanks to Percy Spencer for relieving us of the stress of cooking in this ever moving world of ours.

The microwave oven is that small box sitting on the kitchen counter that eases the stress after a long day in the office or at work. They are able to perform remarkable cooking feat all thanks to the innovation of radiation technology, these little electronic gadgets can perform from the easiest cooking acts such as popping corn to grand wonders like roasting a chunk of flesh to perfection. With that in mind, not all microwave oven perform these “magical” feats.

Top best small microwave of 2018

The small size or compact microwave oven has pushed out the regular conventional microwave oven that occupied space in our kitchens and homes.

The small sizes of this microwave oven make them really efficient and fast in delivery foods to our table. Some of the best small microwave ovens of 2018 are:

N°1 Frigidaire FFCM0724LB

Frigidaire FFCM0724LB


This weighs 22lbs, and 13x17x10 inches oven is energy efficient.
High quality and small size.
The con is that the buttons wear off with time.



N°2 LG LCS0712ST

best small micro wave

The 20 lbs. 12.2×17.9×10.1 inch is highly durable, countertop and compact.
The only con is that it makes an irritating beep after cooking.





N°3 Whirlpool WMC20005YB


This weighs 33lb and a 13.8×15.4×14.1 inch microwave oven
It is sleek, super cute, compact and very energy efficient/
Only con is that the fan is a bit noisy.


N°4 Bella 700-Watt 

small microwave

These 25 lbs. is 13.8×17.3×10.2 inch oven is cute, compact, and energy efficient.
The microwave is not quiet.


N°5 Panasonic NE-1054F

best small microwave

The 16.2×20.1×12 inch, 39.8 lbs. microwave has an easy door opening system, does not have a turntable with a firm base that does not budge when buttons are pressed.
Its door is noisy.


N°6 RCA RMW741


This oven is 25.1 lbs.; the 18.5×14.2×11 inch is affordable, efficient and very fast.

Its only con is that the start button tends to fail sometimes.


N°7 Panasonic NN-SD372S

small microwave review This oven is 20.9 lbs., 14.8×19.2×11 inches is small, powerful and highly efficient. Its door is easy to open and close.
The microwave is noisy.


N°8 Danby Designer

best microwave

This oven is 22.5 lbs. and 14×17.3×10.1 inch has a broad range of power choice, the door closes quickly and has a quiet. The only con is that the 30’ second button present in most ovens is absent here.


N°9 Daewoo

small microwave buying guide

This oven id 23.4 lbs. and 12.7×17.7×10.6 inches in measurements.
It’s charming, energy efficient and needs just a little space.
It is not very powerful


N°10 Westinghouse WCM660B


This oven is 10.3×17.8×13.6 inches and weighs 23.1 lbs.

It is the best in the market. Easy to operate, small and good for visually impaired people.

It is rather noisy






Properties of a microwave oven



This is the main reason why we buy a small microwave oven. They have a lower frequency and longer wavelength than visible light. This property of the microwave oven allows it to absorb the water molecules in food and produce heat thereby cooking the food. Germs and micro-organisms in food cannot survive the radiation of a microwave oven, so be rest assured that your food is germ-free before eating it.


The radiation emitted from a microwave can be used to transmit signals such as mobile phone calls and also used to transmit information to and from satellites in orbit to the earth surface

Television and radio

Microwave radiation can be used to transmit television and radio programs

Importance of microwave oven

The microwave oven is the most important appliance that every kitchen should have and use daily. Its advantages are:

Fast cooking

cooking with a microwave oven is faster than the normal conventional cooking method such as gas or electric cooking system.


The MW oven is very convenient and you don’t have to worry about doing any physical work except waiting to eat when it’s done.

Less clean time

Because the oven is small and compact, you only need small clean up time, unlike other cooking methods. With a microwave oven, you have fewer spills, burns or food getting burnt.

Disadvantages of using a microwave oven



Food cooked in a microwave oven tends to be drier than those cooked with the conventional methods of cooking. This is because the cooking system uses water from the food to cook it. Food with high moisture cooks better in a microwave oven than those with less moisture unless the oven comes with a powerful setting.


This is probably the most disadvantaged of cooking with a microwave oven. The air inside an oven stays at room temperature when cooking. This allows food surface to brown faster than the inside cooks which are not appealing if you are a chef. Other cons are uneven cooking and dangers of radiation in your food which affects your health.

Tips for buying the best small microwave


The setting

Microwave oven comes with different features such as the ability to detect the humidity level that aids to adjust the heating and power automatically when cooking. The setting range is important when buying a microwave oven since that’s the most used button on the microwave oven.


Don’t spend money on a microwave oven because it’s expensive. Read through the features so that you cover what you expect from it before buying one. Remember that expensive does not translate to quality.


The appearance of the microwave is another not really an important tip but if you are looking to match your kitchen then the color is something to look out for when buying one.


All the above microwave ovens have the ability to meet your cooking needs and more. They are specially built to guarantee satisfaction while relieving you of the cooking stress and adding some relaxation time into your bustling lifestyle.

Be, however, careful and buy from recommended stores and always make sure that the warranty is valid in case it develops a problem. The compact nature of this microwave oven means that there is always space for them in our home and time to enjoy delicious food.


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