There are numerous factors which can influence the way you sleep at night such as; the temperature of your bedroom, what you are wearing, if your partner is the snoring type or whether you use electronics in bed. All these can influence how satisfactorily you sleep every  night, however the sole most important factor you might think doesn’t matter is the one that matters the most which is –” your mattress”. Thus, the reality is, the current condition as well as the age of your mattress largely determines whether you wake up feeling good, rested and set to get things moving.

Furthermore, how do you know what a good mattress is? Simply, a good mattress is that which should ease pressure on your body, more specifically your joints and not cause you any pain. Hence, you should note that as your mattress gets older, it loses its capacity to that thus, your quality of sleep slowly declines without you even knowing. You then begin to experience waking up from sleep exhausted, back aches, or perhaps your hips aching. Therefore, once your mattress is a little over seven years, it’s an alarm for you to just get another one.

Hence, when you become set to change your mattress, endeavor to explore the different varieties because at the end of the day, choosing a mattress is subjective and only you can tell what’s best for your body. Below are types of mattresses:-

  • Innerspring mattress

The innerspring mattress features a “steel coil support system”. There are numerous kinds of spring systems; those with springs linked into a single unit, as well as units with separate  enveloped pocketed coils. Basically, the larger the number of coils, the more units of support thus, the better the bed can support you – the sleeper.

  • Pillow-top mattress

The Pillow-top mattresses entails an added layer of upholstery sewn on top of the mattress, just as if pillows were set on top of it. The upholstery layer can be formed from different foam materials as well as fiber

  • Hybrid mattress

A hybrid mattress from the term “hybrid”, it comprises a steel coil support system with either one or multiple types of foam, for instance; latex or viscoelastic, polyurethane, and also foams that consist of gel.

  • Specialty foam mattress

The specialty foam mattresses contains one or multiple kinds of foam as its support system. The foam may be latex or viscoelastic, polyurethane. It can as well encompasses gel or different materials. The foam can be produced in a multiplicity of densities and shapes to provide the users a mattress that offers different feeling, comfort, as well as heat dissipation features.

  • Gel mattress

The Gel mattress features foams that encompasses gel in its upholstery layers, its support system or both even. The gel is infused into the foam through the use of various technology types. The gel foam provides users with different feeling, comfort, as well as heat dissipation features.

  • Latex mattress

A Latex mattress uses a latex foam as its support system, as well as in the upholstery layers or both even. Latex are made through either petrol-based materials or from plant materials.

  • Airbed

The Airbed comprises an “adjustable air chamber” as its support system. The air chamber of a residential airbed, unlike mattresses designed for camping, it is covered by upholstery materials or padding, which can involve different fibers and foams. The Airbeds enables you to adjust their sturdiness, and largely allow every side of the bed to be adjusted separately so as to meet the consumer’s needs.

  • Waterbed

A Waterbed comprises a “water chamber” as its support system. Waterbeds are of two types, namely; soft-sided and hard-sided beds. In a soft-sided waterbed, the water chamber is inside a rectangular structure of a rigid form, enclosed inside a fabric encasement where as, in a hard-sided waterbed, the water chamber is inside a rectangular wooden frame. The water chamber is blancketed by either upholstery materials or padding, which can be of fiber or foams. Both the soft-sided and the hard-sided waterbeds normally rest on a platform. Waterbeds are usually designed in resemblance to a conventional bed and also suit the existing bedroom furnitures. The water chamber are of two kinds; free flow [there’s no obstruction to water flow within the mattress] or waveless [the baffles or fiber limits the motion of the water].

Our ranking – Best mattress to buy

1 Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Elite An excellent mattress. Excellent durability over the time, still as comfortable as the beginning 5 years later. CHECK PRICE
2 Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Collection Euro More expensive than the previous one, this one from Stearns & Foster is very confortable and has very nice durability CHECK PRICE
3 Voila Hybrid Very great results with all our tests. Like the previous mattresses we reviewed, this Voila Hybrid shows really great performance in durability. CHECK PRICE
4 WinkBeds Very good performances for all sizes of side sleepers. Excellent durability, very stable over the time. CHECK PRICE
5 Denver A very good mattress for many shapes. Very stable over the time. Very quality for the price ! CHECK PRICE
6 Beautyrest Very good for all side sleepers. Still good for back sleepers. Excellent durability over the time. CHECK PRICE
7 Classic Brands Very good mattress for petite back sleeper, good for large / tall back sleeper. Excellent durability over time ! Attractive price. CHECK PRICE
8 Ethan Allen Very good for back support, good on side support which provides a good alignment of the spine. The durability is good, only minor changes after several years. CHECK PRICE
9 Kingsdown Passions Aspiration A very good mattress on average. Great durability over the time for a correct price. CHECK PRICE
10 Sleep on Latex Pure Green Excellent mattress for petite back sleeper, large and tall. Excellent durability over the time. Very good for petite side sleeper and average side sleeper. CHECK PRICE


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