Every day is a gift that needs to be captured and remembered. A picture is a remembrance gift we give to ourselves to relive that one special moment of our lives that will be a memory forever. Having the right tools and accessories should ease the way we capture our memories.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to take pictures anywhere you go, all by yourself? The selfie stick is able to give you that power to take photography to the next level on your own.

GoPro waterproof selfie sticks are manufactured to work well in all wet environment while giving you that perfect shot every time. GoPro is the masters in photography equipment, their waterproof selfie sticks give you the chance to capture moments in/underwater with the perfect shot every time.

Ten best Gopro selfie stick waterproof in 2018

With so many products to satisfy consumer demands, we have managed to compress the list to give you the 10 best waterproof selfie sticks for that perfect capture from GoPro.

Rank Picture Selfie Stick Highlights Price
1 Waterproof Extendable Hand Grip Floats on water with any camera Portable with ergonomic hand with good grip The only GoPro of its kind CHECK PRICE
2 Smatree F1 Waterproof Floating Carbon Fiber Hand Grip for GoPro Hero Prevents the camera falling off Has Good grip Solid and durable CHECK PRICE
3 Smatree Y2 Telescoping Pole with Tripod Stand for GoPro Hero Compactable with tripods Durable Completely waterproof Needs large packing space CHECK PRICE
4 FloatPro Waterproof 3-in-1 Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick 100% aluminum alloy Perfect for waterfall pictures Has Good grip CHECK PRICE
5 Luxebell Selfie Stick Aluminium Waterproof Best for traveling Twist and lock system to prevent the camera from falling Aluminum waterproof made but not very long CHECK PRICE
6 MicroJib - Pan + Tilt Unique, water safe, portable, versatile and camera can be rotated 360 degrees from the handle CHECK PRICE
7 ActionSports Pole Aluminum Waterproof Telescoping Extension Monopod Action strength, durable Water resistant, aluminum foam grip CHECK PRICE
8 SANDMARC Pole - Black Edition Withstand extreme condition Remote control holder clip No monopod stand CHECK PRICE
9 Professional 10-In-1 GoPro Monopod Gives you perfect picture from any angle Waterproof nylon carrying bag Secure lock at any length Stick is not balanced when extended CHECK PRICE
10 GoRad Gear Selfie Stick for GoPro Good for extreme activities Pole does not bend Twist and lock at any length Water resistant CHECK PRICE

Why GoPro Selfie sticks waterproof

GoPro cameras and selfie stick are action gadgets that are designed to give you the best picture at any angle and in any environment. The selfie sticks are also designed with the latest technology of picture taking in mind to give you a means to capture your surrounding in one click.

These sticks are sturdy and durable with the poles made out of aluminum alloy to prevent rust as they will be wet most times. These sticks come with wonderful feature and remote control handles that allows you maneuver your camera without touch the camera.

With GoPro selfie sticks, you will realize that your hands are not long enough to capture the essence of each moment. So invest in a GoPro selfie stick today, or better a waterproof selfie stick to capture those beautiful water moments.

Tips on Buying a GoPro waterproof selfie stick

Why GoPro, with all the selfie sticks in the market. When buying a GoPro waterproof stick, consider the following.

The length of the stick

The entire idea of having a selfie stick is to take pictures from an extended position. So, make sure that the selfie stick has good extension on the stick and it’s steady and locks in place to avoid the stick sliding back into itself.

The weight

The lighter the selfie stick the better the picture you capture. This is important because taking a selfie involves the use of one hand; so it needs to be light to enable you to maneuver the stick to take a good picture without wearing out your arm.


A waterproof selfie stick should be resilient enough to handle the pressure of water hammering it. It should have all its components resistant to water and should be anti-rust too. It should also have a good grip handle that is anti-slip when its water.


The perfect selfie stick should be easy to use anywhere you are. Some GoPro sticks have tripod stand that gives your picture that photography. This is also an advantage if your phone or camera is not waterproof.


Your selfie stick should be durable because it will take some beating with constant use. It should be able to withstand any weather element thrown at it. This is particularly important for people who take part in extreme sporting activities.

Bluetooth or remote control system

Since your phone or camera will be far from your control, it’s only ideal to have a way to control the clicks from your fingertips. With that said, make sure that the charging system on both the stick and phone.


GoPro selfie sticks are not just poles but a wearable gadget that allows you take moving selfie. These parts can be worn over your head for an extreme sports event, giving you the perfect shot on the move

These are some tips that you should consider when buying a selfie stick. GoPro allows you to enjoy these features and more thereby giving you the right shot at that moment.


Finding the best waterproof selfie stick does not have to be a difficult exercise. Start by identifying what you want to achieve with your selfie stick and go from there. Perhaps you’d like to take family pictures of that water vacation or a picture of you jumping off a cliff, either way, GoPro is your best choice.

We do, however, advice that you make proper research on the various kinds of selfie stick in the market and know what you want and how affordable it is, also consider the tips on buying a selfie stick for beginners and do not compromise on first waterproof selfie stick. Whatever you do try as much as possible to avoid purchasing secondhand selfie sticks as they may have problems and may not give you the quality expected from a new GoPro selfie stick.

GoPro selfie sticks are expensive but that should not be a yardstick in buying a GoPro selfie stick.

Happy Shopping


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