Want to make your friend’s gathering more fun and adventurous? We have the best Fun Challenges to do at home. Just follow these ideas and make lifelong memories with your friends that you are going to cherish forever. 

Have a look at these fun challenges to do at home:

Blindfold Makeup Challenge

challenges to do at home

This one is for girls! They love following latest makeup trends and flaunting their skills by trying them on their friends.

This challenge to do at home is exactly the same. However, with a twist as the person doing makeup on other must be blindfolded.

To do this challenge, all you got to do is just gather a variety of makeup products and try it on your friend while you are blindfolded.

Makeup items typically used in this challenge are eyeliner, eyeshade, blush, lipstick, foundation etc. Once the makeup is done, click some photos to make lifelong memories of this fun gathering.

This one is definitely one of the most of funniest challenges to do at home !

Nose-less Food Tasting Challenge

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For all foodies out there, this is a must-try challenge that you can do at home if you are looking to add an element of fun in your friend’s gathering. All you require, to do this  fun challenge, are some blindfolds, clothespins, and food items. 

Put the clothespin on your nose while wearing the blindfold so that you wouldn’t be able to see or smell the food.

The real challenge here is tasting and identifying the food products. You will find it really hard to identify them because of your inability to smell them.

One by one, each friend should try to identify different food items; the one who identifies the food product correctly will be declared as the winner of this challenge.

Whisper Challenge

challenges to do at home

A very old but extremely fun challenge, the whisper challenge can make any gathering entertaining. Write some phrases on some pieces of papers.

Put a headset on your friend’s ears and play loud music so that they can’t hear anything. Read out any of the phrase written on the paper and your friend will have to guess.

This is the most fun part since they will only be able to read your lips. If they guessed the phrase correctly, they get a point.

Now, it is your turn to put the headset on and guess the phrases. Whoever gets the maximum points is declared as the winner of the challenge. This game can also be played in teams. 

Chubby Bunny Challenge

fun challenges to do at home

This is going to be a fun challenge, particularly if you and your friends are fond of eating marshmallows.

Simply stuff some marshmallows in your mouth and speak these words “chubby bunny”. It may not sound exciting on paper but it is going to be great fun when you are actually going to try it.

As you will keep stuffing marshmallows in your mouth, more difficult it is going to say these words.

The friend who stuffs a maximum number of marshmallows and is still able to say these words clearly; they are the winner. 

Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

challenges to do at home

You or your friend’s don’t have to be a pro at drawing to do this activity.

Simply, get a blindfold, which each friend have to wear and showcase their drawing skills (or lack of them).

The end results are definitely going to be hilarious ones.

Say Anything Challenge

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This is a type of challenge that is more suitable when you have more friends at the gathering. The game is played in a simple manner.

One of the friends will just have to speak a word that comes in their mind. Following this, the other friend will have to speak another word beginning with the last letter of the first word spoken.

Thus, the chain will continue and each friend will have to speak a word. The fun part here is that each contestant of this challenge will just have one second’s time to think of a word. 

The fun doesn’t end here as failing to utter a word within a second can get the contestant punished.

They will have to put a piece of scotch tape on their face. At the end of the game, the person who has minimum scotch tape on their face will be declared the winner. 

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

They say “making someone laugh” is hard but we say that controlling your laughter is even harder. This is exactly what this challenge is about; trying not to laugh.

One contestant will be made to sit on a chair and others will have to try and make him laugh. They can do crazy antics, dance or any other thing in front of them to make them laugh till they give in.

The contestant who will be able to control their laughter for the maximum duration will be the winner of this challenge. 

Baby Food Challenge

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The baby food challenge is another fun activity that helps to have a fun time with your friends. To do this challenge, place some jars of different baby foods.

Now, each friend, one by one, will have to try the baby food from any random jar while they are blindfolded. After tasting the food, they will have to guess their flavor.

The contestant that guesses the right flavor is the winner of the challenge. 

Smoothie Challenge

fun challenges to do with friends at home

Love smoothies? Well, this challenge might ruin your love for these chillers.

Nonetheless, it promises great fun as you and your friends get to use a variety of ingredients, right from jelly beans to ketchup to make (hopefully) yummy smoothies.

To do the smoothie challenge, write different ingredients for a smoothie on small chits and put them in a bowl.

One by one each friend will have to take a chit out, make the smoothie using the ingredients mentioned on the paper, and drink it too.

Bubble Gum Challenge

Bubble Gum Challenge

Get some different flavored bubble gums, place them in a bowl. You and your friend must try two different gums at the same time. Whoever guesses the flavor accurately and in a shorter period of time is the winner.

There you go! These are some of the fun challenges that can make your friends gathering more fun, exciting, and memorable. 

Do you have more fun challenges to do at home ? Leave a comment and we’ll add it 😉


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