Having your smartphone with you while you exercise truly enhances the experience. Smartphones have various uses nowadays making them the perfect companion for working out.

You can use them for listening to music, watching videos, playing games, or even to help you to get motivated to work out more. There are a number of smartphone apps that will help you attain your fitness targets and even encourage you to do more. Here are some of the best smartphone apps that are fit for a great workout.

Top 10 best fitness apps for smartphone

1- PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

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This is an eye- and hands-free fitness app and audio coaching guide that has a wide array of workouts for a range of fitness levels that intelligently adapts to your performance. It can also be integrated with other fitness apps out there, allowing you to keep track of your performance and share your metrics with other fitness apps as well. PEAR can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS platforms, but has limited options. To get the most out of the app, you can opt for the paid subscription (around $9/month).

2- Map My Fitness

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Made for Under Armour, this app can log more than 600 different fitness activities and can be synced with more than 400 devices. You can search for nearby running routes or even share your favorite routes with other users. The app also saves your data, tracking pace, distance, and calories burned from GPS-based workouts. The latest version is compatible with wearable Android devices which makes it a convenient app to use.

3- Workout Trainer

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This app from Skimble offers thousands of free workouts to help you get in shape, each with step-by-step audio and video instructions. Workout Trainer has a wide range of workout routines, so you can choose which workout routine fits best for you. The app also enables the user to build their own workout routines and share them online.

4- Nike+ Training Club

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This app showcases the workout routines that are being used by professional athletes – even the famous ones. These workout routines focus on three main aspects: strength, endurance, or mobility. Each workout is categorized as one of three types of difficulties. The app’s audio is the main cues for the workout, which allows the user to focus more on the workout than the screen. The user can also input manual physical activities such as tennis, gym training, or basketball.


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This app is very useful for those who are more inclined to strength-training and bodybuilding. JEFIT has thousands of workout routines that are organized based on the body part being targeted. It is complete with detailed instructions and comes with a workout planner, exercise log, progress tracker and a number of timers and synchronization options.

6- Fitbit Coach

Fitbit coach review

This app serves as your digital fitness coach with its intelligent function that adapts to the user’s physical capabilities as well as their daily activities, tracked by the Fitbit fitness tracker. The workouts are calibrated to be challenging but not too difficult to be achieved. Fitbit Coach provides guided video workouts, with step-by-step guidance for varied routines that include suitable music playlists that help the user stay motivated throughout the workout.

7- Aaptiv

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This app provides trainer-led audio workouts that are fit for a wide variety of workout styles and goals. It also includes music playlists that are suitable to each workout. Aaptiv has over 2500 workout routines set in hundreds of fitness classes that can downloaded through the user’s, allowing for offline use.

8- Daily Burn

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This app is perfect for anyone looking to get fit in a group, as it has group workout functions that the user can stream and exercise with. It is also friendly for beginners, even providing full body workouts that come with live support chats and even special guest coaches. Since each workout is broadcasted live, there may be times that the user may miss a workout. To compensate, the app includes an on–demand stream. The user has access to premium workout courses including yoga, cardio workouts, and even strength-training.

9- ASICS studio

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From the same developers of Runkeeper, ASICS studio offers unlimited access to audio-guided workouts for yoga, strength-training, and cardio, led by professional trainers that are accompanied by motivational music compiled in playlists. There are videos as well as photos that show the workout tutorials, along with the audio that determines the pace of each workout. The ASICS app can also be integrated with the Health app that will help you store all your data in one place.

10- Freeletics Bodyweight

Freeletics review

Freeletics Bodyweight showcases hundreds of workout routines that cover a wide variety of muscle groups and fitness levels. The workout routines are designed to use body weight as your exercise equipment. There are videos as well as audio guides that provide step-by-step instructions on how to do each workout routine. There is a free version of the app but the premium (paid) version gives more access to training plans, performance analysis, along with workout goals.


These are some of the best fitness apps that are available for both Android and iOS platforms. We hope that we have provided ample amount of information to guide you on which app best fits your workout regimen. May we suggest trying out some of these apps first to feel which fits you well before choosing the one app that will keep you motivated and guide you on your way to getting fit.


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