The joy of being pregnant is the purest form of joy that exists on the surface of the earth. Oh my goodness, you just can’t wait to actually that feeling the tiny movements of the little love that bring a smile to your face and merriment to the soul. This is one phase that every woman should experience. And things are even more fun with the best fetal doppler !

As the body charges start to occur, all you want is to be part of his/her world. Sometimes you wish you had a way to watch what is happening in your womb and record every aspect of the journey. Now, this is where technology has gifted us the privilege to listen to our little one adorable heartbeat. The completeness that it brings knowing that your unborn child is healthy and happy is a joy to every expectant mother.

Listening to the fetal heartbeat was a gift only to professionals in the medical field enjoyed, during the former days of antenatal. With the innovation of technology, you too can sit in the comfort of your living room and enjoy the heartbeat of your unborn baby and relish in the euphoria of being gifted the privilege of being a mom.

The fetal Doppler is the technological feat of this century that has given every mother the experience to listen and record the heartbeat of her unborn child. Nothing makes a mother happier than knowing that her child is healthy. The heartbeat of your baby cannot be heard until the 18th to 20th week, well into your second trimester. So, if you don’t hear the heartbeats at first, don’t worry, your child is still developing and will soon announce her/himself to mummy.

The feta Doppler is the perfect gift for an expected mother or one from a husband to his wife.

We have narrowed down the best fetal Doppler to give you the option of having one for those moments that will be cherished forever.

The top 5 best fetal Doppler for 2018


best fetal doppler

Womb music heartbeat monitor by Wusic


best home fetal doppler

Barkley amplifier and baby monitor device


best fetal doppler app

Heartbeat and baby sound amplifier and recorder by Little Martin


best at home fetal doppler

Bambeegoo  Heartbeat baby monitor and baby blip amplifiers with 2 listening device.


best fetal doppler

Angel heartbeat baby monitors by Medi-K with 2 head piece listening device.


These are the best fetal Doppler in the market, but don’t get too excited; sit back and let’s give you a details description on the one that suits you and your unborn baby.

Product details

1-Angel heartbeat baby monitors by Medi-K

best fetal doppler

This is the best newly innovated fetal doppler model in the market and as the name suggest, one for listening to the delicate heartbeat of your little angel.

This easy-to-use, compact ultra sound fetal monitor has enhanced sound pick-up sensor to listen to the heartbeat of your child. The fetal doppler is a hand-held device that also records the sound of your baby’s heartbeat. The fetal doppler allows you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat as early as 11 weeks of pregnancy.

Medi-K angel monitor can be used by rubbing a lubricant gel, baby oil on your stomach to aid easy movement and reduce friction. Heartbeat records are recorded on an MP3 or WAV format that can be replayed on your computer.

The pro of the angel heartbeat monitor are

It as small as a computer mouse

It is easy to use and needs no special skills

It is safe and does not affect the health or growth of your unborn baby

It gives accurate heartbeat sounds by the minute.

It comes with 2 ear piece listening part that allows your partner listen in on the sound too

It comes with a money back guarantee if you change your mind, which we are sure you wouldn’t after the first sound you hear of your baby’s heartbeat.

The cons:

It does not display the heartbeat.


2- Bambeegoo  Heartbeat baby 

best at home fetal doppler

The babyblip has an excellent audio quality unlike most monitors in the market. The very cute baby fetal doppler comes in a two tone casing design for that appealing baby look.

Unlike most fetal doppler, the babyblip monitor can be used in a standing or sitting position to give you the best sound of your child’s heartbeat. The sound clarity on the doppler makes it the one to beat in the market. The application method is not the same with all monitors; you don’t need a lubricant just move it over your stomach for an amplified pleasing sound of the baby’s heartbeat. This doppler comes with a volume knob that allows you to increase or decrease the volume during use.

The pros are:

  • It is very portable and attractive which most mothers to be love.
  • It can be used in any position; sitting, standing, and lying down.
  • It is not disturbed by static interference
  • It can be used without a lubricant or gel
  • It is very safe for mother and child
  • It can be connected to a computer
  • It comes with a 2 piece listening device for your partner and you.

The cons are:

  • The hearing buds are large and don’t fit properly


3- Heartbeat and baby sound amplifier and recorder by Little Martin

best fetal doppler app

The little Martin’s sound amplifier and recorder are designed like a cell phone unlike the angel sound and babyblip that looks like the mouse of a computer. This doppler has the capability to pick up the faintest sound of the baby’s heartbeat and what is even more is that it displays the heart rate on a monitor on the upper part of the device. This device comes with two jacks and a USB connection cable. One very excellent feature about this monitor is that is has an LCD diplay light that indicate if your baby’s heartbeat is normal or if something is wrong. Blue light indicate the heartbeat is okay while yellow light indicates that you need to see your Ob/Gyn as your baby’s heart might be beating too fast or slow.

The pros of the little Martins are:

  • It’s very stylish and ergonomically-designed
  • It displays digital readings of the heartbeat and has an integrated sound amplifier.
  • Sounds can be recorded to your mobile device or computer to be shared with family and friends.
  • It gives accurate sound with every use

The cons are:

  • It is expensive but with all these features, it is worth having one at home


4- Barkley amplifier and Baby monitor device

best home fetal doppler

Like the Little Martins doppler, the Backley amplifier comes with an LCD display light and its compact and easy to use on the go. Yes, they can be traveled with and keep you relaxed knowing your baby is fine too.

It comes with a speaker, so you don’t need an earpiece to listen to your baby’s heartbeat with more detailed setting available on this device.

This is the preferred fetal monitor for new moms in their first trimester or for high-risk pregnancies. It comes with a real-time heart rate display mode and records the average heartbeat for eight beats at a time. This amplifier also records the sound when the baby changes position or has a hiccup which is just amazing. Oh, and yes it has amazing sound quality with incredible accuracy.

The pros are

  • It is pocket sized and cab be connected to you mobile device.
  • It provides accurate reading with every use and displays in real-time display.
  • It comes with an integrated amplifier and a backlit displays
  • It come with three modes, a coil cable and can be connected to your smartphone.

The cons are:

  • The volume is not as loud as the others


5- Womb music heartbeat monitor by Wusic

best fetal doppler reviews

This monitor by Wusic is the best-selling heartbeat fetal monitor because it can pick the slightest of sound with any interference or statics. It might not come with all the high tech specifications of the other fetal monitors but is provides accurate sounds of the baby’s heartbeat from as early as 11 weeks of pregnancy.

It’s very portable and you don’t need to lubricate your stomach before use and fit perfectly into your palms for easy use.

The pros are:

  • It can be carried in your purse or pocket and comes with an LED light indicating when it’s on and ready for use.
  • It comes with two audio jacks and a volume control knob
  • It is compact and easy to use and extremely accurate

The cons are

  • It does not come with recording
  • It does not display the heart rate.


Tips to buy a fetal monitor

When buying doppler, some features to put into consideration are:


This tells you if the baby is doing okay. The fetal monitor will not be as the device used in the hospital but you should be able to listen to the heartbeat of your baby; at least that’s the function. However, you can go through the review page of the particular fetal monitor just to get more information from other moms that have purchased and are using it.

The price

Hmmm, they come expensive but worth it for that mummy and baby bonding time. Your budget is the determining factor, so don’t break the bank for a fetal monitor just get one that allows you listen clearly to your baby.

The size

Most fetal monitors comes compact sizes. Since you will be using is on you own, it should fit comfortably in you palm, so that you can move it around easily during use.

The feature

With technology, the doppler comes with some amazing features, always go through all the features so that you buy the one that suits you.

Whatever the reason you buy a fetal monitor, remember to relish the moment with friends and family too.


When should I buy a fetal monitor?

It should be on your baby list, in fact when you confirm that you are pregnant, go and get one for yourself. Although the baby’s heartbeat cannot be heard at the early stages, it gives you peace of mind just knowing that all is well when you hear that heartbeat for the first time. It is also important for high risk pregnancies and mother too. The doppler is capable detecting blood flow in our body, so this addition feature will provide you accuracy on the health of your baby and you.

How to use the fetal doppler monitor ?

The fetal doppler monitor works in the manner as the ultrasound machine at the hospital. All you need is a gel or lubricant (if the device states that it is needed). Rub the gel on your lower stomach while in a comfortable position. Put on the monitor and gentle pass over the gel while listening attentively for the heartbeat. This might be tricky at first but with constant use and practice, you will get the hang of it.

Benefits of having a baby fetal doppler

  • It creates bonding time for mother and baby
  • It acts as an early problem detection, so that you can be at the hospital on time
  • It can detect if you are having multiple pregnancies as in twins or more because you are able to pick up two or more different heartbeats.
  • It creates a bond with the partners and with their unborn baby

Remember that a fetal monitor does not replace your visits to the hospital. The obstetrician/gynecologist are expects and will detect other issues that the fetal monitor cannot detect. So please do not put off your visit because of the monitor. The monitor is only a precautionary /bonding device to help your known your baby fetal heartbeat.


The location of the fetal heart

The position of the baby can be very confusing and most mother get confuse searching for it. Below is a picture representation of the different positions at various stages of pregnancy.

The location of the fetal heart


With the rate of fetal and maternal mortality on the increase, the fetal doppler monitor is one innovation that has given mothers the privilege to listen to their baby’s heartbeat to ensure that they are healthy. The fetal monitor, however, DO NOT replaces a doctor’s visit. Please keep up with your antenatal visits and remember your doctor’s opinion is always important.

The fetal heartbeat monitor are a must have device that allows you monitor your baby’s heartbeat to know if it’s normal. A baby’s heart is between 120 – 180 beats per minutes. So, this is wishing all our new mothers a wonderful mummy-baby bond and safe delivery


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