The electric skateboard has evolved from the original version that was invented; it is really not the best invention of the 21st century but the fact that it gets you around easier and faster makes it a gadget worth looking its origin. The electric skateboard was first motorized in 1975, and was called a moto board but was advertised as an electric skateboard but was powered by gasoline. The motor has its shortcomings such as pollution and excessive noise.

It won’t be until 25 years later that technology will change the face of the electric skateboard making them more feasible, compliant to road rules, and affordable giving everyone the opportunity to purchase one and chase their dreams. But you may wonder ” Which one is the best electric skateboard ? “. Here is our answer.

The Best Electric Skateboard of 2018

1. The Maxfind Mac C

best electric skateboard

This is the best electric skateboard for beginners. The 27 inches long and 7.7 pounds weight skateboard is a standout choice for skateboarders. The Maxfind C Mini cruiser electric skateboard can go up to speeds of 13 miles per hours and powerful enough to handle 20 percent climbs. It is able to go 10 miles before the battery dies down. The battery is a 36-volt lithium-ion pack charge from zero to 100% in just 80 minutes. Its ergonomic wireless remote controls the speed, braking, auto cruise, and battery status.


It cost $299

It has a fantastic braking system

It is waterproof and you can travel on the plane with it

It is very durable and lightweight suitable for teenagers of 90 lbs. weight and kids

It comes in 4 different colors and a one year warranty


The battery runs out quickly.

It cannot accommodate weight more than 90 pounds


2. The Action Blink Lite

The Action Blink Lite



This is the perfect skateboard for kids because it is safe and less expensive that keeps parents at ease. The blink lite lithium battery charges in 2 hours and can go up to speeds of five miles per hour. It can handle 8% of elevation heights. The build-in LED light allows for night rising and makes them visible to traffic and pedestrians. A single buttons turn on the Bluetooth device that connects to the ergonomic and wireless remote control for accelerating, braking, and decelerating. The blink lite comes with a single hub motor that is very reliable, extremely powerful, streamlined with reduced tension in the wheel.


It costs $245.99 with shipping fee included

It comes with a six months warranty

It is easy to maintain

It comes already assembled from the factory

It is portable and lightweight 


It’s not waterproof and as such don’t ride under the rain


3. The Blitzart X-plore Electric Skateboard

The Blitzart X-plore Electric Skateboard review


The 350 Watt motor accelerates the skateboard 17 Mph with a 10mile range. The Blitzart X-plore has features that no other skateboard on the market possess. The skateboard is made of a longboard that balances the rider and controls the rider’s position on the board during acceleration, deceleration and goes in reverse. This is an excellent board for beginners and advance skateboard. The board is made of maple wood and bamboo with premium grip for a secure ride. The 4.4 lithium battery charges to full in just 2hours and 30 minutes.


It comes with an ergonomic wristband to prevent the riders from falling off the skateboard

Its 350 Watt brushless Hub- motor makes it very quiet as you ride

It supports weight up to 300 pounds


4. The Yuneec E-GO2

The Yuneec E-GO2 review



The Yunees E-GO2 is an excellent product that comes with a good make, price, and features. The skateboard is made of 8 layers of maple wood for a very stable ride. The skateboard carries weight up to 220 pounds. The wireless remote feels ergonomic in hand and with the full control system easily downloaded on your Android or iOS smartphone, it allows you have full control of your board over Bluetooth. The electric skateboard can go at speeds of 12.5 miles per hour and an 18-mile range when fully charge.


The Yunees E-GO2 takes three hours to charge from zero to 100%

It comes with a regenerative braking that helps repower the battery while on the go

It is very durable and efficient

All the beautiful feature of the Yunees E-GO2 comes at an expensive price of $700


5. The Action Blink S Electric Skateboard

electric skateboard review


The 10-pound skateboard is light and smaller than its competition. It is capable of going up to speeds of 15 miles per hour and comes in three riding modes. Its entire control panel can be downloaded on your smart device. The blink S comes with a built-in LED light that illuminates at night. The single hub motor requires little maintenance.


It is very quiet when you are riding it

It doubles as a stake board when the battery is down

It is light and durable

It costs $399, very fast and can go up 15% elevated grounds


6. The Blitzart Huracane 38 – inch Electric Longboard

Blitzart Huracane review


The skateboard is very sturdy and durable. It is composed of 6 layers maple wood that is flexible and helps keep your feet stable while riding.

The board is powered by a 350 Watt motor and goes 17 miles per hour and handles a 10-mile range. The 4.4 lithium-ion battery packs that recharge with two and a half hours from zero to 100%. The ergonomic remote control allows the rider to have full control of the acceleration, deceleration and reverse motions. 


It allows you to change between two-speed controls.

It comes fully assembled to save you the hassle of assembling it.

It has a good grip.

It comes in a variety of color.

It costs an affordable $279.


7. The Moto Tec MT-SKT-1600

electric keyboard review


The main attraction on this electric skateboard is the rough spike-like tires signify that this skateboard can ride on the rough road. The 800-watt motors provide the board with 1600 watt of power and moves at speed of 22-miles per hour. The 71-pound skateboard is extremely durable charges its 34- volt battery in just 4 hours. The 10” air filled tires are designed to handle any kind of surface. It can carry weight up to 260 pounds.


It has an 18-hour range and 22-mile speed.

It is expensive coming at a whopping price of $636.

It comes with dual motor for super speed and stability.


8. The Boosted 2nd Generation Dual Electric Skateboard

electric skateboard Casey neistat


This is the skateboard to take a ride on, the powerful, 2000 Watt can go top speeds of 22-miles per hours and a range of 12miles because of its double batteries. It can fit in an airlines’ overhead bin, so you can travel with it everywhere you go. The hand-held remote control system work with Bluetooth connection and it was built to last. The board speaks for itself. The Boosted is the one which is used by Casey Neistat most of the time !

You can check this Vlog of Casey Neistat where he’s reviewing the Boosted electric skateboard :


Very light and durable.

It comes with 2 lithium-ion batteries.

It is the most expensive at a bank-breaking price of $1203.

It has a 25% grade hill climbing capacity.

It is a very balanced board.


Tips on Buying an Electric Skateboard

The electric skateboard is the most convenient way to move around while having fun. Companies have leverage on the use of technology to get the best of these boards while making use of the best quality material for consumer satisfaction. Most electric skateboards come with features that are important when purchasing an electric skateboard is:

  1. The Motor Type

This is very important as the electric skateboard cannot function without it. When getting a skateboard, check if it is motor driven or belt-driven. Most skateboards are belt-driven but companies now make the electric motor hub skateboard that makes less noise and very easy to maintain and producing great speed.

  1. Wattage

Wattage is important as it determines the speed, torque, and hill grade functionality. When buying a skateboard, let the geography of your area be a priority in choosing an electric skateboard. The dual boosted has a 2000 watt to give you the much-needed skating boost.

  1. The Usage

The use of your electric skateboard should be a deciding factor on the type of board to buy. For example, if it for a sport or a competition, then a very durable and very sturdy with a good grip. It is for fun or just moving around the neighborhood for carrying out your chores or riding along the street, then any skateboard of your choice will be just fine.

  1. The Stakeboard Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is important because not all boards are built to accommodate every weight. So always check the weight specs to make sure that the weight specification of the skateboard before purchasing one.

  1. The Deck Material

The material used in building the skateboard determines how durable the board will be when the rider uses it. Some boards are made with bamboo or Maplewood for strength and durability. They also built with carbon fiber or fiberglass for stability or flexibility. Some skateboards are also made from layered sheets of bamboo and Maplewood for extra strength to accommodate a heavy rider.

  1. Price

The price should matter, getting good value for money for your skateboard is necessary; you have to understand that the kinds of parts that make up the electric skateboard determine the price of the board. Professional brands that make sport related skateboards use very good quality materials to build their boards and as such the more the cost of the boards.

  1. Availability of Spare Parts

The parts should be readily available in situations where a part develops a fault. We can’t have a skateboard that we can’t fix when it’s spoilt. The customer service of the brand purchased should always be on-hand to answer questions when they are called upon.

Why Electric Skateboards are the New Mobile Carriers

  1. You beat traffic every time and you are always on time to your appointments. The average American spends close to 100 hours a week in traffics, now what better way to ditch your car for a skateboard.
  2. A skateboard saves you fuel money.  According to a recent study, using a skateboard save you $1500 or $11,500 on fuel which is not bad for a skateboard that cost less than 2000 USD.
  3. They are fast and get you to your destination faster and safer than waiting for a bus or the train.
  4. The electric skateboard now comes with an uphill feature that makes you go up an elevation of up to 25%.
  5. They are enjoyable and fun, riding a skateboard makes you mentally alert.
  6. It is exercise, you actually lose weight riding a skate board which keeps you healthy and agile


The electric skateboard is the new movement machine for those on the go with many features to suit your style and career, the skateboard takes you to and fro your destination with ease. They are easy to maintain and environmentally friendly. They don’t pollute the air with fumes like cars do. So, get yourself an electric skateboard and enjoy a life of freedom.


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