In our carryall world, having a diaper bags is a must for every parents. The liberty to go everywhere with your baby without having to worry about baby’s blowouts is an amazing liberty. 

A diaper bag, why ?

Actually with a baby you never know what is going to happen and what he’s going to do, to eat etc… But you can be sure that sooner or later he will poop and even blowout if you are on plan, travel etc.

For many parents, having a trip with a baby is major source of stress and having with them  some essentials stuff make them feel better. So now you may wonder, “why would I need a diaper bag ?”. Actually you can use every classic backpack to pick up those necessary stuff for baby but like in every market, there are some company who deal with your trouble and find the perfect solution. And a diaper bag is a perfect solution.

A diaper bag, in comparison to a regular backpack, has a spill proof lining, many pockets and a changing pad. That’s why it’s way more convenient !

Keep in mind that you’ll use this diaper bag for several months or years, so choosing the best is important but it can also be pretty hard. That’s why we are here !

We tried many diaper bags to create a new TOP 10 : Best diaper bags !


Best diaper bags you can buy

N°1 : Skip Hop Duo

The last diaper bag from Skip Hop is what mom and dad have always requested ! Available in 3 different colors ( black, heather grey and chevron ) this bag is so easy to to carry with you. There is a long strap which allows you to wear it cross-body or you can also grab it by hand with the smaller straps.

There is 10 different pockets so you can really pick up everything you need. We tried this bag for several month and it’s just perfect. We also check the amazon reviews for this diaper bags and the material is durable.

which diaper bag to buy



N°2 : Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag


top diaper bags


N°3 : Diaper Bag by Hip Cub

diaper bags


N°4 : Bag Nation Diaper Bag

This one is probably the best diaper bag we tried but maybe not the sexiest one. There is a stroller strap, a changing pad and even a sundry bag !

best diaper bags


N°5 : ALLCAMP Diaper Bag

If you need some space on your Diaper bag, then you this is the best diaper bags you can buy. Made of polyester, this one comes with almost 20 different pockets.

 Diaper Bag


N°6 :Stylish Baby Diaper Bag

which diaper bag to buy


N°7 : Kate Spade Taden Baby Bag

This is the most sexy one ! Like in every market, if you want some good looking stuff you’ll have to pay the price ! This Kate Spade bag is elegant but it’s also far from cheap compared to the other models you can find on this page.

It’s made of nylon and you can choose between 3 different colors. We personally try the black one and it definitely looks amazing !

elegant diaper bag


N°8 : Messenger Bag Purse

The messenger one is probably the most comfortable to wear and it’s really easy to clean.




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